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Meridith's attendants
  • Stacey Sisken, Matron Of Honor
    Stacey and I have been best friends since 1997 at Mill Road Day camp. I introduced her to her husband before we went to an NSYNC concert in July of 1999 and she has an adorable son. We have been through all types of shenanigans together!
  • Marissa Gago, Matron Of Honor
    Marissa and I have also been friends since Mill Road and were even roommates! She is a great friend to me and is always there with great advice.
  • Jessica Pultro, Bridesmaid
    Jessica and I also met about 7 years ago at work. She is great with advice and is super organized. She can answer any question I ever have about anything!
  • Diana Sierotowicz, Bridesmaid
    Diana and I met at work also about 7 years ago. She and I share a passion for shopping and Rutgers football. She and I always communicate on Saturdays in the fall and never miss a game on tv or in person. GO KNIGHTS!
Jonathan's attendants
  • Jay Eitner, Best Man
    I wanted a picture of the two of us together but couldn't find any without rude gestures being made. So here is Jay dressed up for Halloween as the Chiquita Banana lady. Jay has been my partner in crime since 1994. We've been through it all together; concerts, wrestling events, trials and tribulations. Jay is a school administrator and is married to his lovely wife, Jessica, who is far more awesome than he deserves.
  • David A Dein, Groomsman
    How is it I have no photos with any of my friends? Well, there's David A Dein with his beautiful wife, Nancy. David and I have been keeping it alive since '95, and it goes to show that two people with starkly different religious and political beliefs can still be the best of friends. David is a programmer/personality for Star 99.1 FM and is a proud father of twins. In 2004 I was truly honored to perform best man duties at the wedding of the hot couple in this picture.
  • Todd Bernstein, Groomsman
    That mustachioed chap you see pictured is my cousin Todd. Todd and I met in September of 1985, a few short days after he was born unto this earth. I tell people he takes after me in the witty one-liner/awful pun department, but really he has me beat pretty soundly. Todd is a luggage salesman and a pretty good guy to know.
  • Ross Schwarzber, Groomsman
    Brother of the bride. From stories I've heard, Ross played the bratty little brother role far better than I ever could've hoped to have done with my own older sister. For this I give him props. Ross is a true sports nut, with team affiliations far too numerous to mention here, as well as a diehard Bette Midler fan. He has just started a career in the banking industry.
  • John Frusciante, Groomsman
    My original partner in crime through most of my childhood through high school, John and I met in 1991 when he was widely known throughout town as being not the guy from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Our lives have taken very different paths since then but when we get together it's like we're still 13 and Street Fighter 2 is still the best game around. John is an artistic director with the Upright Citizens Brigade company, writing and starring in such memorable skits as the viral "BP spills coffee" parody.
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